Bir Sayfa Seçin

Our focus for sustainable growth is meaningful communication and meaningful fundraising!

Fundraising Campaigns

New Channels - Outsourcing


Digital Campaigns and Strategy

Motion Graphics


Regular Donor Programs

Social Media

Consultancy and Trainings

Branding and Identity

Concept Design

Do you need a solution on these topics?

Then it’s time for us to work together.

The way to get better is not to focus on more, but what is meaningful.

And if we are on the same page then…

If the campaign sleeps, fundraising fails.

The priority should not be to develop more resources and focus on the budget.
The real resource is our supporters with whom we can act together. If we increase the number of these people, we will both provide permanent solutions and achieve sustainable financial results.

Who are we, what are we like, who are we waiting for?


Who were we with, who are we with? We always work with pleasure.